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Miriam Lodge, K.S.B.1873TRUTH, LOVE, JUSTICE

Weekend Backpacks for Homeless Kids

                           Sandie Nagel, Executive Director

Mission Statement

 The Need

  • There are more than 3,000 homeless children in Baltimore City Schools.
  • The largest number are in kindergarten and first grades.
  •  Baltimore City has no state or federally funded weekend feeding programs for school children.
  • Hungry children incur delays in their physical, intellectual and emotional development.


 Our Approach  

  • We provide child-friendly, nutritious food directly to children in need over            the weekends.
  • We believe that the child does not live in isolation; therefore, each backpack contains enough food to provide at least four set menus including milk, protein, fruit, vegetable, cereal and 100% fruit juice.
  • We have more than 70 volunteers who pick-up the food, pack the bags, deliver    the food, discreetly distributed to the children, and help with administrative work.
  • Children designated to receive backpacks are selected by the social worker and administrative staff at each participating school.
  •  For the 2016 - 2017 school year, we are providing for homeless children at NINE CITY SCHOOLS and a DAYCARE!!  A total of 173 students AND their families, are fed every weekend.  


       It costs approximately $1,000 per month to feed the homeless children in one school.

       For the 40 weeks of the school year, the cost is about $10,000.  You can sponsor one

       or more backpacks with a tax-deductible donation of $10 per backpack made payable to


                                                Miriam Lodge, K.S.B. Backpacks for Kids  

                                                7310 Park Heights Avenue

                                                Baltimore, MD 21208


Donation Card


  Because of sponsors, friends, and people from far and wide supporting this project, we  

  continue to add to the number of children (and their families) who will NOT go to bed


  Thanks to The Chimes, who have provided space and staff at their Mount Washington

  campus,and a large crew of volunteers, backpacks are being filled and delivered every week!

   Blessings keep coming, along with additional money and donations.  We thank you all for

  supporting the theme,  " The Future is in Our Hands."


May we continue to go from strength to strength!


What Happens When School Is Out for Summer, Holidays or Snow?   Thanks for Asking!

  During the summer, students are fed at a camp program through the  Maryland Food Bank,

  seven days a week.  Also the school pantries are open at scheduled times for the parents to

  receive food.  It REALLY does take a village to raise a child. . . . . . . .

  Arrangements are made with the families and school social workers to insure families are fed

  throughout the year.  We have some volunteers that are NOT afraid of snow, sleet, hail, or

  hurricane to make sure these families are fed!


  Temple Oheb Shalom is now partnering with Miriam Lodge Weekend Backpacks for Homeless

  Kids.  The members of the synogogue are packing 216 bags of food per month to be disributed

  to our identified schools.  This program was organized by Stuart Dettlebach (Sandy) and

  Maxine  Lowy (Bob), FOURTH Generation Miriam Lodge Members!! Also assisting is Steve

  Eisenberg, son of Miriam Lodge member Betty Eisenberg and nephew of Evelyn Oidick, Past


 As you read this, our Backpack GURU, Sandie Nagel, is working on

  more grants and new funding options for this year.  Watch this space

  for updates and details. 

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