Miriam Lodge, K.S.B.    1873    TRUTH, LOVE, JUSTICE
Miriam Lodge, K.S.B.    1873    TRUTH, LOVE, JUSTICE
Miriam Lodge, K.S.B. 1873 TRUTH, LOVE, JUSTICE
Miriam Lodge, K.S.B.1873TRUTH, LOVE, JUSTICE

“Although times and technology has

changed. . . . since Miriam Lodge began,

the Sisters are the same.  We still care about

and do whatever is necessary to help

those less fortunate than ourselves.”

                                                        Ruth Sommer

                          President 1990-1991

A  History of Giving


          In 1873, a small group of altruistic women banded together in Baltimore, Maryland.  They dedicated themselves to being of service to others in the community who were less fortunate.  Today, we are known as Miriam Lodge, K.S.B.  The letters K.S.B. stand for the Hebrew words kesher shel barzel, meaning links of iron.  We are recognized as the oldest, independent Jewish women’s organization in the State of Maryland; and we are proud to be fourth in this category in the entire country.  Our motto defines how we have conducted ourselves for over 143 years:


Truth, Love, and Justice



  • Through bingo, sweepstakes, theater parties, rummage sales, home card games, and other fundraising events, Lodge was able to raise funds for a variety of needs in the Baltimore





  • Prime activity of Lodge was the distribution of food baskets to the needy for Jewish Holidays
  • Federation creates a Collective Calendar



  • Lodge raised $100 by saving 20,000 boxtops
  • Members fulfilled a $5.00 pledge
  • First Major Charitable Project: Home Camp in Druid Hill Park provides for 100 children
  • 25,000 Jews reside in the Park Heights area: 46% were identified as “in need”



  • Lodge fills 275 boxes to embarking Navy Recruits: Midnight Supper Box Program
  • Only group to meet EVERY naval vessel embarking from our Port
  • Members volunteer at Home Camp
  • Lodge sold more than $47,000 in War Bonds and Stamps
  • Federation reported foster homes are needed as Orphanages are closed; Lodge responds
  • Sewing group meets every other Thursday to make layettes for needy families



  • Lodge collected used books and magazines for Veterans
  • Started providing Jewish Holiday meals for the Jewish incarcerated
  • Lodge established first summer camp for mentally retarded children
  • Lodge provides salary of teacher for Religious Training of the Jewish Retarded, (TAKEN OVER BY ASSOCIATED JEWISH CHARITIES IN 1964)
  • Participated in Federation Blood Drive
  • Federation reactivates camp treats



  • Began meeting at the “NEW” Oheb Shalom on Park Heights Avenue
  • Began donations to Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Sends blankets to Israeli Soldiers
  • Panel discussion on Civil Liberties and Rights (3/1964)                 
  • Federation decides to participate in restoration of Lloyd Street Synagogue



  • Lodge is first to pledge to Retinitis Pigmentosa; Foundation sponsored by Sister Beverly Berman (and husband Ben). Their TWO daughters are diagnosed with this unheard of disease
  • Lodge pledges $100,000 to Baltimore County General Hospital (largest single donation ever received by BCGH)
  • Sisters sew aprons, tablecloths. . . .for the Chanukah bazaar



  • Lodge selected as “Baltimore’s Best Organization”  February, 1981
  • Lodge nets great profits from MANY trips to New York & Atlantic City
  • Lodge recognized for 115 years of service in Federation newsletter, Flame



  Lodge receives Thank You Notes for the work we continue

  to do:

  • Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital
  • Bea Gaddy’s Soup Kitchen
  • Central Scholarship Fund
  • The School of the Chimes
  • Veterans Hospital
  • Heart Fund
  • Cancer Research
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Sinai Hospital
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Israel
  • Parkinson’s Disease Research
  • World Union for Progressive Judaism
  • Red Mogan David



  • Lodge purchases a $32,000 six-headed microscope for the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center
  • A sold-out crowd attended F. Scott Black’s Dinner Theater in Towson; We raised $965 while laughing through La Cage aux Follies
  • Sadly, we recorded the passing of Elli Attman. The family requested all donations in her memory go to Miriam Lodge. Including additional funds from her husband Seymour Attman, $1630 was donated for an addition to the library at The Children’s House at Johns Hopkins; the space is called Elli’s Corner.
  • The success of the Tzedakah Fund warrented special stationery on which to acknowledge donations. Helen Silesky Eisenstein graciously created a beautiful blue and white design for the notecards
  • Many trips raised thousands of dollars for more than 33 charities
  • An act of pikuach nefesh (saving an endangered life): In honor of our 130th year, Lodge provided three Argentinean Jewish families with funds for two years to ensure that their homes would be spared and that they could remain self-sufficient during that country’s economic and social upheaval.



  • Lodge provides a van for Children’s House at Johns Hopkins
  • Lodge provides for a blood centrifuge for Magen David Adom, Israel
  • Handicapped-equipped auto for Stroke Patients at Sinai Hospital



     Gone are:

White gloves for Installation

Hats to attend a function

Veils for new members


     What has stayed the same:

A group of altruistic Jewish Women

Dedicated to being of service to others

in the community who are less fortunate


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